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Eco-Friendly Gift Giving

Oh hello, mid-November! This time of year always FLIES by, and the holidays always sneak right up! 2020 has certainly been an odd year, but whether or not you and your loved ones are partaking in your usual festivities I’d still love to share a few of my favorite eco-friendly gift ideas in case you find it helpful!


Hostess Gifts

You can never go wrong with gifting candles, especially ones that use essential oils to scent them and a cleaner-burning wax. I’m someone who is super sensitive to fragrances, so I find that with more conscious candle companies the scents are less aggressive, yet still very effective. A couple of my favorite companies are Near and Native, which are made in Maine or Jade and Juniper out of CA. Both companies use essential oils and coconut wax.

If you’re into citrus smells, Near and Native’s ‘Coconut Lime’ is SO good, and Jade and Juniper’s ‘Blood Orange’ candle is insane.


Gifts for Busy Families / Those Who Love to Cook

A Butcherbox subscription is an amazing gift for those who love to cook or those with really busy schedules! Butcherbox is essentially a meat delivery service that you can subscribe to. They source their meat with incredibly high quality and ethical standards, which is important if you’re consuming meat. This is great for those who like to cook or who are busy because it makes meal planning so much simpler when you know what you have on hand to work with! One thing to consider with this is if your recipient will have the freezer space to store everything.

A Thrive Market membership is an awesome gift, especially for busy families! Thrive Market allows you to order groceries from your favorite companies at a discounted price. It makes it super easy to have everything delivered right to your door, and the companies they carry are well-curated.


Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiast

Honestly though, is there anything better than getting a pair of good socks for Christmas? Am I aging myself? Anyways, a good pair of socks is the perfect gift for anyone, but especially for outdoor enthusiasts. Simple things like a more eco-friendly sunscreen or bug repellant, a reusable water bottle, a towel that repels sand and water, etc are also great little gifts for people who love to be outdoors! Earth Hero is a wonderful resource for any small gifts like this!


Other Small Gifts