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Easy Ways to Update Your Home to Promote Wellness

Who is still going strong on the DIY projects while we are at home?!

Yup... us too. But, I'm loving it. I mean, we are always updating our home, and I'm loving all the progress that we have made over the last couple of years!

I talk a lot about wellness on my platforms, and it's really something that is so imperative to myself and to the core root of my business. I really think that wellness is an essential part of our lives, and that also relates to design, too.

But, like sustainability, it can be alarming on where to even start. And I want to tell you, it doesn't have to be tough! These are some really easy ways to add in a little dash of wellness to your home!


Add Plants

I will never stop saying this! YOU NEED PLANTS IN YOUR HOME! I've done countless blog posts on plants, but here is one that talks all about the benefits of plants. AND here is my YouTube video talking about plants in more detail and also sharing some easy plants for beginners.

Use No VOC paints with your DIY projects

VOC's are Volatile organic compounds aka chemicals and toxins that get released in the air. They can have adverse affects on health. My go to paint companies that are VOC free are Clare and Sherwin Williams.

Switch Up Your Color Scheme

Now, this one is going along with the whole painting tip. I see that a lot of people still love grey. And while I think there is a time and place for it, in my opinion, it's a really moody and cold color. I personally like to give my clients a warmer space, and I think that can defintely be done using cool tones like blues and greens. Maybe you still have that burgandy color from the 90's, or maybe you are just in need of a refresh. A fresh coat of paint can do some serious damage to updating a home! If you want, when you sign up for my emails, I give a customized list of paints that will go great for your personal style!

Have adaquet lighting

I like to think of lighting as a teared system. First, you have your overhead lighting. Preferably, these would be on dimmers so that you don't need the blast of harsh lights beating down on you at ten o'clock at night. Then, you want to think about your ambient lighting. This inclused your floor lamps and sconces. These are going to give off a little more light to the general space, but its softer and less harsh. Lastly, you have your task lighting, like table lamps. These are great for reading when it's later in the day or while you work. Having adaquet lighting actually helps with your circadium rhythm and helps promote better sleep.

Combat Noise

With everyone being home right now, there's probably a sense of chaotic and frequent conversations throughout each space. Adding in soft touches like rugs, pillows and blankets are a great way to have better acoustics.

Declutter and Organize

Having a space that is actually clean and organized will reduce stress and anxiety.







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