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Design Inspo For Littles

Everyone around me has kids, is pregnant or is talking about getting pregnant and with back to school around the corner, everywhere I go I see or hear about kids. So as I was driving this week, I caught myself thinking about...can you guess? KIDS!

Even though I'm enjoying (very very much) my childless life, I started thinking about "how is my life going to change?" Or better yet, "how is my home going to change?". One thought lead to the other and if you know me, I'm very much about aesthetics which is contradicting to littles, right? Doesn't have to be.

I went through Lawless' Kid inspo folder and the relief! I don't have to sacrifice style because of the (future) littles so I'm sharing it with you today.

There's a lot about this room that's sending me BUT in particular the thick trimming and textured ceiling & walls! This adds so much visual interest and a hint of traditional. It's bunkbeds gone wealthy! This is perfect to save space if you have two little sharing a room. The bookcase inside each bunk adds a touch of individuality I think most kids love.

There's so much fun and practicality in this room that steals my heart. A loft bed with a working space underneath. It's unexpected and it's only taking up a wall and a half so you could use the other side of the room for another little, storage or just walking room.

Candidly, every time I see one of these low kid beds I think to myself "you might as well just put the mattress on the floor" BUT I know parents and parents-to-be worry about the safety of their kids around the clock. Having a low bed frame is *ideal* and as seen above, you can get really creative with a theme. The wallpaper used behind the bed raises your eyes up immediately distracting you from how low the bed actually is. Design illusions are my favorite kind!

Every kid I've ever been around has a ton of toys and art supplies so you know what you need for sanity? STORAGE. Brownie points if the storage looks like this! Clear container bins are helpful and useful but lack in creativity so let this little girl's room take you.

If you're overwhelmed with the possibilities, picking a few color patterns and/or themes is a good place to start. Your baby's nursery can be childlike and chic.

Where are bold people with bold babies? This is it. Be unafraid and unapologetic about using wallpaper on all the walls. Quality wallpaper that is, don't embarrass your kid. But the real show stopper is this huge portrait over the crib. I love the idea of adding real life portraits of pets instead of animated, something about it makes the room come alive. I'm going to say what we're all thinking; the baby who sleeps in this room has enough money to buy my whole life and yours. BOUJEE!

I just proofread this and realized, do kids even deserve rooms this nice?

Anyways, do it for you.

- Raph




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