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A Non-Toxic Machine Washable Rug? I Think I've Died and Gone to Designer Heaven

Machine washable rugs?! Guys, its a thing! We live in a world where cars can drive themselves, headphones no longer need cables, and phones well, they are more like tiny computers mixed with DSLR cameras at this phone. So, think about it, why can't we wash our rugs in the washing machine? 


To be brutally honest, I had my doubts. I was skeptical that a rug could hold together and not just completely shed after its been washed. I mean, I have to hand wash my favorite sweaters, so how the heck can a rug withstand our mighty LG 2-1 washer and dryer?

Since basically anything but time travel is possible at this point, I decided that I should see what all the hype is about. My clients really wanted a washable rug because they have small children. So, we ordered a few from Ruggable, and we all absolutely loved them! I was surprised at how nice the quality was. I was thinking they were going to be really stiff, almost like an indoor outdoor rug. But, you really couldn't tell that this little baby could be tossed in the washing machine do its little thing, and party like its 1999. 


Over the last year, I've been using Ruggable rugs in areas where clients were hesitant to put a rug. We've used them as kitchen runners, entryway runners, even under dining tables. Having the luxury of my clients being able to wash them has really facilitated a better design. I've always been a big advocate for rugs, and I think that they really bring a space together, and add that nice touch of warmth and coziness.

You all know that we have been slowly making updates to our LD Cape Home since we moved in last year. We've painted all the walls (besides the hallways), switched out lights, updated the fireplaces, added artwork, built furniture, hung window treatments, and so much more. We just finished painting our kitchen cabinets and switching out the hardware right before Thanksgiving. Mike is going to build us a new dining table from some wood he's picking up at his Uncle's barn. But, in the meantime, we bought new dining chairs and purchased a cast iron wood burning stove for the dining room.


I do have to say, as dog owners, we are really lucky that Kona isn't destructive. I've heard some horror stories about people's dogs chewing up their furniture or rugs when they are home. I think the worst that Kona has done is he sometimes takes my socks and sleeps with them in his bed! haha 

Even though he is an amazing dog and well behaved, he still has yet to realize all of his little paw prints that he wistfully leaves behind as he trail blazes in from outside. I've wanted a rug in the dining room, because its also our entrance, and I thought it would be nice to have something that is cozy when you walk into our home from the tile floor. But, having Kona really left me at a loss. I didn't want to purchase a rug only to get muddy paw prints all over. 


So what did we do? We got a Ruggable rug! Like I had mentioned earlier, I really wanted a rug to make the space cozy. Since our LC Cape Home is 150 years old, my vision for the space is to juxtapose the classic architecture with some more modern pieces, fused with some eclectic elements to bring it all together.  Our home is very neutral, and I like bringing in pops of color with plants and artwork. So, I wanted this room to match that aesthetic. I ended up selecting the Hendesi Heriz Abalone Rug. The color is a faded blue with some greys and greens mixed in. I was actually surprised at how much more I liked the rug in person than online! (Which is better to have it that way! haha) The colors were much more defined, and the pattern is soft and subtle. 


Kona is a big fan of the rug. As soon as I put it down, he immediately started stretching on the rug, and then proceeded to pass out and fall asleep.