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A New(ish) Bathroom Concept That I'm Loving

'Wet rooms' have been gaining popularity, and for good reason. Technically the concept isn't new at all, but the concept has certainly evolved.

Wet rooms have roots coming from Japan and Europe-- I remember when I studied abroad in Italy in 2012, our apartment's bathroom would've been considered a 'wet room' (the shower was practically over the toilet and there was a drain in the middle of the bathroom floor). Okay, but getting to the point-- what is a wet room? Traditionally speaking, it's a bathroom designed to get entirely wet. Meaning all materials used in the bathroom are waterproof, and there is no shower curb delineating the shower space from the rest of the bathroom. As this concept has evolved, I've seen it become more of just the shower and separate tub in the same "wet" space, typically with a glass panel dividing them from the rest of the bathroom space.

Wet rooms certainly have pros and cons-- some of the pros I love are that they allow you to do more with smaller spaces, the no-curb situation makes it more accessible for mobility issues, and it can definitely add resale value to your home.

Here are a few inspiration images of wet rooms that I love:




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