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22 Outfits To Rock for Summer 2020

Now that it's finally nice out, and the summer is just upon us, I start to get excited about cute, summer outfits. There is something so nice about going to the beach, coming back home, taking a shower, and throwing on a sundress. They are the easiest outfits to simply throw on, and they are much more comfortable than wearing a pair of jeans.

To be honest though, as much as I love fashion, I would live out of my athletic wear 24/7 if I could! Well, let's face it, I kind of do! (Except when I have meetings, of course).

In light of the new season that has emerged, I am rounding out 22 summer outfit ideas for all aspects of the season! All of the outfits are pinned on my Pinterest. If you're interested, follow the link, and you can see even more items that I'm pinning from home decor, interior design, healthy recipes, travel inspiration, fashion, and more!


Work Attire

I know for me, when I have a new outfit for an important meeting, I feel much more confident. Fashion can really bring out a more poised expression. Even if it's a Zoom meeting, a new work outfit can really make a difference!

Some of my go to places to shop for work attire are Everlane and Anthropologie.

Weekend Casual

Let's face it, this is where most of us thrive with shopping! Between flowy summer dresses, to crop tops and printed pants, there are so many fun options out there.

Some of my go-to places for weekend attire are ASOS and Levi's. Thrift shops always have huge selections of casual attire, too!


This is basically where I live most of my days. I workout, but I also just wear workout clothes during the day when I don't have meetings.

Some of my go to places to shop for workout clothes are Avocado, Threads 4 Thoughts, REI, and Girlfriend Collective.

Date Night

While things are opening up this summer, I'm trying to make a note to venture more out in our town. Since moving to Plymouth, Mike and I haven't explored the town all too much. I'm excited to spend some summer nights out whether it is going for a bike ride downtown, a picnic at the beach, or a nice dinner out.

Some of my go to places to shop for date night outfits are Reformation and Free People.






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