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Project Elegant Oasis Revealed!

It's here! Our new project, Elegant Oasis is done!


Now, you guys know me and know that I am true to my neutrals. But, these past couple of projects I've really been showing you some bold colors! I was really inspired by the cool and warm tones of autumn for this project. We originally started with these teal velvet chairs in the living room from Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams. But instead of doing the traditional blues and greens throughout the space, I opted for some rust colors to mix into the space.



Our client's biggest goal was to make this space feel warm and comfortable. They were moving from North Carolina to Boston, which is a big transition in and of itself. They moved into a newly renovated home in the Somerville neighborhood. Typically, this area holds small condos and apartments. But, this home was really wide open and spacious, something that is hard to come by in the Boston area.


To play off of the open spaces, we wanted to make sure that it flowed nicely and the style was carried through each room.

We started with neutral basics, like the sofa and dining table and chairs. But, to add some pops of color, we selected a beautiful geometric woven rug along with a custom piece of artwork that the client received from her friend.

To add in some personal touches, we added in some vintage artwork, rugs and accessories to the mix.



Moving into the master bedroom, we wanted this to feel like walking into a hotel. We paired lots and lots of layers on the bed with bedding, throws and pillows. My personal favorite part about the bedroom is the sconces. They are so epic and really just make a huge big bold statement!



Overall, creating a cozy home doesn't mean that it needs to be frumpy and hold large furniture. Using some sleek modern pieces fused with vintage accents really helped create a unique, warm feeling in the space.






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