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Get Mike's Custom Tables (While They Last!)

Anyone who has been following me knows my husband, Mike. He's basically perfect and down right amazing. It's funny because we are complete opposites, but we also share so many similarities. Mike is patient, extremely nice, selfless, creative, yet logical and methodical. Me, on the other hand, I'm well, a creative. I'm more of the type thats like "let's go!", and someone that is also up for change. I'm most definitely not patient, and yeah, I guess I'm nice (lol), but not like how Mike is. He's much more about everyone else and cares more about people, people he isn't even close to. He's very optimistic, whereas I'm much more reserved, and very cautious about people. With that, we make a great team, because we have what the other doesn't, and I really think our skills compliment each other. I design things to make them look good and make sure they are functional, but Mike makes it all happens and really figures out the technical stuff.

Even though we are so different, we share a lot of the same values, beliefs and goals. We are definitely on the same page about the things that matter, and that, well, thats what really matters. He's really just my best friend, and I feel so comfortable and good about myself when I'm around him.


And while I could go on and on about how I love my husband, this blog post is really to highlight the work that he has been doing for Lawless lately. He was given some logs from trees and barns that were taken down, and he's been making some custom pieces for us and my clients.


I can't tell you how much fun we have working together. It really started when we were working on his first home in Delaware. It was a complete gut. We started dating after he was done with the bathroom (thank goodness), and the first room that we did together was one of the guestrooms. We ended up redoing the whole home over the course of the first few years together. He had to completely tear down everything, studs and all, rewire the entire house, redo the plumbing and then switched up the floor plan, too.

Simultaneously, Mike had built some amazing furniture for my Boston apartment. My bedroom was so tiny, and I didn't even have a closet! So, he made me this beautiful Art Deco armoire and Mid Century Modern dresser. He even made me a sit to stand desk when I worked at the architecture firm in the city.

Fast forward to living in Plymouth, and Mike has built even more furniture for us! It's really just so fun getting to see our designs come to life and to have things that he built in our home. I think that it makes them that much more special.

Now that we are finally starting to settle down, Mike has taken over building some custom furniture for my clients. He has these awesome live edge coffee tables that he just made on a whim. But, he also takes custom orders and is really down to build anything, especially new and exciting designs. He does everything from woodworking to welding. (He's currently making me a steel frame glass door for my office!)

So, hit up the Lawless Shop, give us a ring, or shoot us an email! Mike has been busy with making these and I'm excited to finally open up his work (and time lol) to others!





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