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Where We Grocery Shop For Healthy Food

It's no secret that I'm a huge health advocate. I truly believe that productivity stems from self care and making healthy decisions for yourself each and everyday.

Embarrassingly enough, Mike and I met at the gym. Yup haha We went to the same gym for a year and never spoke to one another. (It might have been because it was 5am but still!) Just as I was planning my move back to Massachusetts, Mike introduced himself and the rest is history.

The early beginning of our relationship was highly influenced by health and fitness. When we would travel to see one another, we made a note to workout together. Please, lets not forget about the epic post workout meals that we used to make, too! We would start with making some type of smoothie. Mike is more prone to orange or tropical smoothies while I'm more into berry and chocolate types. Smoothies were just the start, though. I remember the first time I went to visit Mike and he wouldn't let me do anything! He made eggs, bacon and waffles after our smoothies. And, that was basically what we did after every workout. I do have to say, I miss working out together and miss coming home and making those epic meals.

Now that we are a boring, old married couple, our lives look a lot different. Before when we were dating, I was living in Boston and Mike was in Delaware. Besides breakfasts, our food habits are actually pretty different. Mike is a huge cereal guy, while I like oats. He also isn't too adventurous with his meals, which is actually something that can bum me out since I love trying new foods. His main meals that he would cook for himself were burgers, pasta, steak and potatoes and tacos. Now, yeah, those are great, but I need some variety in my life! I love making new recipes that I've seen on Pinterest. Cooking is so fun for me, and trying out new recipes is a way for me to express my creativity.

So, where do we get our food from you ask? Well, we like to shop at a handful of places for our staples.

The first place we shop is BJ's. Now, yes, I'm 100% a Costco girl, BUT we don't have one close to us guys! And BJ's is just five minutes away for us. So, it just makes sense. And BJ's has a lot of great quality, organic foods. For meats, we buy them organic and grass fed. Eggs, we buy cage free, and we buy some organic fruits and veggies, but not all of them are to be honest (This summer our garden fed us all of our vegetables and that was amazing!) I think that there is a strong correlation between the quality of foods and your health. This is where we get our bulk items from. We get things that we use all the time and also things that don't go badly quickly.

  • Chicken

  • Steak

  • Chicken sausage

  • Ground turkey

  • Frozen berries

  • Bananas

  • Cereal

  • Oats

  • Rice

  • Plain greek yogurt

  • Almond milk

  • Cheese

  • Corn chips

  • Popcorn (we buy just the kernels and air pop them)

  • Veggies

  • Ice Cream

Next up is my all time favorite, Trader Joe's. Mike doesn't shop here, just I do. The closest one is 20 minutes away from us, so I go when I come home from Boston. I buy more weekly type of items here.

  • Peanut butter (I'm so picky about peanut butter! I just like peanuts in mine, nothing else)

  • Chicken

  • Chicken sausage

  • Ground turkey

  • Fish (Mahi-mahi, tuna steak or salmon)