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The Ten at Ten

Happy Wednesday!

Recently, I've been updating my office and getting things more organized. I've been trying to find things slowly, and take my time sourcing each and every time.

Mike has built a lot of the items in my office, so it's nice to have custom pieces he made that I get to look at everyday! He just finished up my desk a few of months ago, and I was planning to have my desk over in the corner of my office. After having it there for some time, I decided to switch things up one night. (Like always) We moved some things around and I put my desk in the middle of the room, and added another chair to one side. I put one of his side tables in the corner with my guitar, and now the shelves that he built are going to hang there!

Since I have an overwhelming amount of samples and items I need for my projects, I need things to be organized and sorted properly. So, I decided to get some rattan baskets to put various samples in, so I can be more thoughtful with my organization. Here are some of my favorites that I picked out while looking! To note, I ended up going with The Container Store ones, because they had the best dimensions for my shelves!

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