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The Ten at Ten

Guys, why am I having the hardest time finding boots this year?! All I want are black booties! Why am I being so picky?!

I've been searching the internet for some black booties for a long time, and I have SO many that I love, but I haven't pulled the trigger on them yet! To some, they might all look the same (cough cough Mike). BUT, I have been looking for a very particular pair! I want something with a heel, that can be dressed up or down, has to be vegan or regular leather, and has a block heel so I don't trip and hurt myself walking through the city.

I really cannot believe that I can't decide. I'm such a desicive person, I'm actually kind of mad at myself. Like, they are boots. BUT these are boots that I know I will wear like everyday. I picture myself wearing them to a meeting, out to dinner, even on the weekend strolling through my town.

I NEED YOUR HELP! I love all of these! How do I decide?! Comment below on the boot that you like the best and help me decide!

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