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Our One Year Anniversary!

Is it weird that it actually feels like we have been married for longer than a year? This year has really just been such a whirlwind of changes, that for some reason I just can't believe its just been a year.

2018 was definitely the most crazy year of our lives. Between still doing long distance, to buying a house, fixing up Mike's old one, getting engaged, selling his house and getting married, we had a LOT going on.

This year, we wanted to be more mindful of this and just take it easy. We worked on the house (and when I say we, I really mean Mike guys LOL), but just did things as they came. We didn't set any deadlines, and we tried being flexible about things.

We also did our best to see more friends, keep in touch with friends and family better, and just be more present with the people in our lives. I felt like last year we were running around all the time, going back and forth from Massachusetts to Delaware that we really didn't get to see other people.