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The Ten at Ten

Labor Day weekend had me checking out all the new sweaters for this season! Let me tell you, I for one cannot wait!

Cozy sweaters, to me, are the epitome of fall fashion. There is nothing better than cozying up in a big, chunky sweater with a steaming hot cup of coffee.

One sweater type that I've been really loving lately are turtlenecks. There is something about them that is so classic, yet cool at the same time. Whether you want to go for the ever so timeless full blown turtleneck, or the more trendy mockneck, there are so many options out there!

I just ordered two sweaters from ASOS, not shown actually (check out my LTKI page to see!) I have been loving how they easily go from work attire to a cool weekend look. I rounded out a bunch that I am so into this season! Let me know your favorites!

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