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Home Decor Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Less Expensive

As a designer, I see a lot of things going on in people's homes. Some good, some not so great, and a lot of things that are totally avoidable! There are little things here and there that really make a different on how your home is perceived, and the value that it can bring.

So, that's why I wanted to share with you guys some of the very common mistakes that people make when styling their home! Follow along and I'll assist you in updating your home so that it can look that much better!

Too small of a rug

I'm a firm believer that a rug is the foundation of a room and should set the boundaries. Make sure that your rug is filling the space where your furniture will go, and not just have it be centered in the middle of the room.

Artwork hung incorrectly

Artwork can be tricky. There are rules, but those rules can be broken, and then you can go rogue and try something new, so basically you're in the dark half the time. But, good news for you guys, I did just write a blog post about a new way that I'm styling art! I actually had also written a post over a year ago about all the tips on artwork height and locations here.

Disproportional furniture

When you have a massive sofa and a tiny coffee table, it just looks off scale. Make sure you are buying pieces that fit proportionally to each other.

Crowding with too many pieces of furniture

Give yourself some breathing room, and make sure that you aren't clogging up your home. You should be able to walk around comfortably around the room.

Too many knick-knacks

Each piece in your home should have a purpose, that may be functional or aesthetically beautiful. Whatever it may be, you need to limit the number of items that you have around the home, so the truly important ones can really stand out.

Not having adequate lighting

If your home is too dark, its just never going to look right. Invest in some additional lighting whether thats floor lamps, new pendants, etc.

Not having a color pallet

This might be the most challenging thing that I deal with. A lot of times when meet with my clients, we are going through paint colors, and they start asking what color we should paint each room. My school of thought is to get a few colors together, and mix and match them throughout the home. For instance, using Clare paint's Whipped on all of the walls in the public areas (hallways, living room, dining, kitchen, etc.) Then, for the bedrooms, doing something softer like Clare's Classic to bring in a little bit of warmth to the space. You can add in different accents with accent walls or the kitchen cabinets. But overall, you want to stick to a few core colors to make your home consistent.

Matching Sets

Ugh, this actually might be the most cringe-worthy in my book. There really might not be anything worth then walking into a home looking like you just stepped into the Jordans catalog, Now don't get me wrong, I honestly don't care where you get furniture from, as long as its functional and looks good, I really don't think it matters. But, you really need to switch it up and add some interest. Instead of buying the whole bedroom set of walnut furniture, switch it out for another wood like oak, or even a metal bed to bring in another texture to the mix.

Too many focal points

I think sometimes people get caught up in having every single piece be this show stopper. But, you really need to just pick a couple pieces and let those shine. Get a couple of really cool pieces that you love, and bring in other elements to make those stand out. When you have too many things in your home, it ends up feeling like your 16 again roaming through the mounds of clothes at Forever 21 to only leave with a headband.

Not hanging window treatments in the right spot

You want to hang your window treatments above and wider than your actual window. This is allow for your window to appear larger than it actually is!





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