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The Ten at Ten

Happy Wednesday friend!

I feel like the summer has seriously gone by so quickly! Like it was so cold for June, and then all of a sudden we are hit with this insane heat wave. Now, looking forward, I realize that we only have one more month of nice summer weather! I'd totally fine with that though, autumn is actually my favorite time of year.

BUT, one great thing that we can always count on for the summer is Nordstrom's Anniversary sale! I mean, how do I stop myself from buying loads of things? Mike, thats how. I don't think he would appreciate a butt load of packages showing up on our front door...

If you can't already tell, clearly I have a love for neutrals. And while I have been branching out a bit, (I mean very slightly but STILL), I feel like autumn is built off of neutral colors. I will say that in the past, I've been more drawn to greys and cooler tone colors. But, for some reason, I have been really into warm tones for the last few months, and I think its going to stay for awhile!

I wanted to round up loads of essentials for you guys, while also still having some element of style and flair. That Madewell bag is seriously amazing, and its so versatile from day to night! Also, if you're in the market for some new pants, I am loving the black denim cropped pair! It would look so good with sandals and sneakers, but I also feel like a cute heeled bootie would really take it to the next level. I have been wanting a new long sweater for a few months, and I think that this is the perfect one! It's simple, yet elegant, and is such a pretty color!

So, feel free to shop some of my picks, I know I will be!


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