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My Bucketlist Travel Destinations

Hi friends!

If you guys don't already know that I love traveling, then man I am missing the mark! I absolutely love going to new places, living in different cultures, trying new food, and really just gaining live experience.

I started my love for travel back in college when I studied abroad in Florence. I went with my best friends from school and we all stayed there for four months. It was the first time that I traveled outside the country and really the first time that I was able to experience a different culture. Now, Florence definitely isn't shell-shocking because pretty much everyone speaks English, but it was really cool to see how different Europeans live. Not to mention that the food in hands down the best I've ever had!

During my time in Florence, I did travel to some other countries including Germany, England and Ireland. I started seeing how different each country is, and all the different elements that each place had to offer. I had the opportunity to go all around Italy while I lived there, too! The country is just so stunning and each place is very special and unique. I actually went again last year when I won a design competition and was sent to Milan to go to the design show there. Since I was going to Milan, I went a few days early and got to hit up Florence for a few days, because, well, I had to! I really can't recommend Florence enough. I sincerely think that everyone should go there.

While Mike and I started dating, we really focused our trips on outdoor adventures including hiking and camping. We started doing more east coast places that were in driving distance from Boston and Delaware while we were still doing long distance. Those included Acadia, Shenandoah, New Hampshire, Cape Cod, Virginia Beach, and the Poconos. We also did some other bigger trips during those times where we went to Hawaii (Oahu and Maui), The Grand Canyon, Zion, and all along the coast of California including Yosemite.