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The Best Places to Buy Sofas Online

I feel like this is one of the bigger ticket items that people are always wondering about. With sofa's being the second most important item that we purchase for our home (mattress is number one people!), there is a whole lot to consider before you purchase a sofa. It's especially important when you are ordering that sofa offline, which might be a little scary to some people who aren't used to that.

Nowadays, most of my clients purchase their items online without ever seeing them. That could seem a little crazy, but its really the way of the land in the design industry. People want things sooner, rather than later, and don't really like leaving their home to do so.

With all of the amazing companies out there today, it really makes buying a sofa online a whole of a lot easier, and less stressful. I've had the pleasure of working with several companies over the years, and trust them with their quality and service. I will say that I am very strict with vendors that I use, especially when it comes to customer service. Sometimes, things happen, and items come in damaged. I value the companies that take ownership and don't hesitate to come up with a solution to the problem. Being able to rely on these companies for their quality makes all the difference in trusting to buy a sofa online without ever seeing it in person.


One of the biggest things to consider when buying a sofa are the quality of the fabric. I almost always recommend that a client gets a performance fabric, and insist on it when my clients have kids or pets. It make it whole lot easier to clean, and leaves for less stains. One thing to never go unnoticed is the dimensions of the sofa. So, be sure to double check that the sofa will fit in your space! You'll also want to read about the firmness of the cushions. Depending on your preference, this may sway your decision.


So, be bold, go rogue, and buy a sofa online knowing that you're in good hands from these companies!

West Elm


Room and Board

Lulu and Georgia

McGee + Co

Amber Interiors



Interior Define

Restoration Hardware

Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams