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The Ten at Ten

Now that it is FINALLY nice out and sandal weather, I knew I had to round up some of my favorites. I feel like my taste in shoes has totally evolved over the last year, and like all of my sandals that I had over the previous years are either worn out, or I'm just sick of them. I'm really just into more slip on, block heeled, woven type of shoes this season. Ones that you can just slip on with some jeans and a crop top and look effortlessly put together. When I saw the colored sandals from Madewell, I instantly became obsessed and now I'm just plotting as to when I am ordering a pair for myself. Perhaps a birthday present to myself? Very well could be.... And how about the leather platform sandals from Free People?! Those is like a leather jacket for your feet, and might very well be my other shoe purchase for the summer, because I really can't decide between those two as to what my favorites are!

And while those may be my favorites, I also wanted to round up some daily sandals and ones that are perfect for date night. Sandals that you can totally have for years to come, too! I love how Everyone makes classic pieces that you know are going to stand the test of time. Those have got to be the perfect everyday sandal, thats for sure.

So tell me, what are your favorites from this week?!


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