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My Go-To Paint Company (And For Good Reason!)


Probably the number one issue when I go to start working with my clients is paint. They don't know where to start with paint. It can be a big decision when you are first moving into a space. It really sets the tone of your home! Do you go muted with a cool California white vibe? Or dark and moody with forest green? Paint is the cheapest way to make your room look completely different. Slap a couple coats of paint on your wall and you have a totally different look!

But where do you start looking? I mean, with all of the companies out there, what one is best, anyways? I get this question a lot. And while I've found some brands that I love, and have been my bread and butter for years, I was intrigued when I started to see Clare ads on Instagram. There are always so many different brands that pop up in my ads, but I was curious as to what could be so different about a paint company. All paint is created equal, right? Nope.


As a WELL AP and really just a person that cares about the environment, I've been educated to know that with various paints, there can be harsh toxins called VOC's (volatile organic compounds). VOCs are solvents that get released into the air as the paint dries. (Other products emit solvents, including adhesives, cleaning supplies, and even some home furnishings.) VOCs can cause acute symptoms, including headaches and dizziness. The long-term effects are less certain, but according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, some VOCs are suspected carcinogens.

As I started diving into the company, I noted how all of their paint is Zero VOC and GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low chemical emissions. This alone caught my interest. A company that is all about sustainability and that is cognitive of how their products are effecting our environment will always be a front runner in my mind.

Diving in more though, guys, they deliver! Like come on! As a millennial that gets her groceries delivered from Thrive, and spends copious amounts of money at Amazon, this was amazing. I don't even have to leave my home to get my paint? Sold. It was a luxury I never knew I needed but now I'm hooked!




In all honesty, too, I just love the branding behind the company. They may have a curated selection of colors, but it doesn't seem to be noticed because they cover an array of the necessary bases. I think one of the biggest deterrents from people being able to select paint colors is the hundreds of choices that other companies have to offer. By narrowing down and really being selective with their colors, you are able to make your decision a whole lot easier while also being less prone to picking a color that might not look so hot.

Their paint samples are also really nice. Instead of getting little chip samples, they send you a swatch that you can stick right onto your wall. When we were initially looking to paint our bedroom and bathroom, I got a couple white and grey samples and stuck them to our walls. I would switch them around during the day and leave them for a few days to see how I felt about it during different times and different lighting.



We ended up settling on three colors for our home. Classic for our guest room, Whipped for our bathroom and living room, and Current Mood for our powder room! We have painted our guest room and powder room so far, and we are going to be starting on the living room in the next week or two!

I really wanted a soft, light color for our guestroom, but I didn't want to do white. I wanted something in the warm tones, but not beige. Classic is, well, classic. The perfect color for our 1870's home.

Whipped is just your all around go-to white wall paint. It has a slight warmth so its not a stark gallery white, but I'm all for. I like having a white that just soft enough not to blind you when you walk into the room on a sunny day.

I'm obsessed with Current Mood. Mike asked if we could do one room not white (okay I guess so Mike...). haha But in all seriously I love dark moody rooms. Especially when its a small little powder room! You can have so much fun in small areas. Green is my favorite color to design with, so right when I saw Current Mood I knew that was going to be it. And I just love the way it came out!


All in all, I really can't see a better paint company out there. Between the sustainability, color selection, and the delivery service, you really do get everything you need from Clare!





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