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Why Wallpaper Isn't Just For Your Grandma

We hear it all the time, "wallpaper reminds me of my grandma!" But really guys?! Still, in 2019 we are thinking this way?! Let me be the one to tell you that wallpaper has come a long, long way in the past few decades. While it used to be saved for old grannies living room decked out in a collage of florals and plaids, there are so many new, exciting options!

I feel like wallpaper can really just make a room come together. It can be a show stopping piece, and really pack a punch. There are so many amazing patterns from Minted, Anthropologie, and Black Crow Studios that I adore! Wallpaper can really give a room personality, too. You are able to bring something different into the space that you otherwise wouldn't have been able to achieve with paint or artwork.

Nowadays, wallpaper has taken on a whole new life. There are large set watercolors, massive patterns, cool woven textures, and so much more. I'm a big fan of grasscloth wallpaper, for a subtle, sophisticated look. It gives a room just a little extra something without being too much.

And speaking of too much, if you do want to go a little crazy, why not try some pattern? Maybe some palm leaves, or get a little cheeky with some flamingos perhaps?

You should also note that wallpaper isn't just for walls. Why not try it on the ceiling?! I love doing this with wallpaper and with paint. It lets the room be neutral, still, but then the added element on the ceiling makes for an unexpected look. Another way to add in some punch is to put it behind shelves!

The nice thing about wallpaper nowadays is that there are so many removeable options for those that don't want to commit. Places like Minted, as mentioned before, have wall decals that you can simply just stick on, and take off when you feel like it. It doesn't damage the walls, and they are so easy to install!

What do you think now? Would you try putting wallpaper in your home?







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