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The New Way to Style Art

Happy Sunday friends!

I'm writing this on a nice May Saturday afternoon. FINALLY some good weather here in Massachusetts! I feel like its been forever since the sunshine has been out.

Its kind of nice having some rainy days though. It makes me feel less guilty about doing things around the house. I love spending rainy days cleaning and organizing while jamming out to some tunes (obviously TSwift, of course).

And during this last week of dreadful weather, I've really been gearing up and getting things ready for our home. I started redecorating and moving things around. I get sick of complicity and love switching things up. Since we work from home, we are both here all.the.time. And for me, I like change and like getting excited about new things. I get in this whole mindset and once I get these ideas, I need to carry them out.

We bought our home about a year ago, but we didn't officially move in until the fall. So, we are still working on really making this place feel like our home. And while we have a lot of renovations along the way, I'm loving the progress that we are making. It's really fun working alongside my husband! He's such an incredibly talented guy, and he's made some beautiful things for our home.

One thing that I've been really into is trying to find the perfect art for our home. We need to paint most of it, but in the meantime, I've been on an artwork kick.

Artwork is something thats so personal. It's really something that you need to think about, because artwork has such a big impact on the overall design of a space. I for one, love abstract artwork and photography. But, more on the minimal side. I like buildings, landscapes, and just organic shapes. We've been incorporating these elements into our home over the past few years.

For people, myself included, that love switching up artwork, it can be kind of tricky. It's an investment in your home to put up a frame. Between the anchoring and hanging, you will leave holes in your walls. Because of this, I've been trying out something new. I've just been leaning the artwork on the wall!

I've been doing this on our fireplace and in some of the bedrooms that we've been working on. Whats so nice about this is you can just plop it on the mantel and be done! No hanging or time required. I mean, how great is that?! I'm sure Mike like this way too, no power tools me me haha


I'm a big fan of the oversized artwork on the ground. It gives an eclectic, effortless feel to the space, which I think is great. It makes your home feel more cozy, and comfortable. There's nothing worse, in my opinion, of a home that feels like you can't just sit down and relax.

So, what do you guys think, would you try this out? Let me know in the comments!






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