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The Ten at Ten

Wall sconces can really be a great statement piece! I love adding in an unexpected, unique light to the space. It can be dramatic, or just a contrasting color. Whatever it may be, I'm totally on board with the trend.

I've also been a huge fan of the swinging arm sconces, too. Not only are they functional, they just look cool! I mean look at that leather detail for the CB2 sconce below (#2).

Since we moved to our home, we have been slowly switching out our lights. I got so inspired by all of the cool lights out there! While we went with some globe wall sconces, I really like the vintage, organic feel of some of these down below.

Sconces dont have to be used just in a bathroom! There are so many other places for wall sconces. Think above nightstands, in the living room above a sofa framing artwork, or even above a window in a kitchen.

Shop some of my favorites down below and let me know what you think!


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