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How to Ombre a Wall

You might have seen me post about our new accent wall in our master bedroom. And if you were wondering how to get the same look, you're in luck! I thought it would be fun to start posting more how-to blogs and information on my Instagram. Mike and I do so many projects around the house, but we are terrible at documenting it! With the new year in place, and Summit as my witness, I'm vowing to get better at it!

To start off with, our room was in pretty rough shape. There were a ton of holes in the walls from frames being hung up, and really just the plaster being really old. So, a couple months ago before we had our family stay for Thanksgiving, Mike was kind enough to paint our bedroom. He patched and repaired the ceiling and the walls and then, with hesitation, painted the room the three different whites that I gave him.(oops!) I mean, I needed one for the walls, one for the doors and trim, and one for the ceiling, duh! (Some might call that crazy, but I like to pay attention to those little details!)


After he painted those walls, we got our new comforter, which was white, too. I had painted our dresser, black. We had a beige colored rug and curtains, too. So, pretty much our room was super neutral, which I love, but Mike loves some color. One thing, too, that I didn't realize, is that he loves making our home personal. He didn't want me hanging up this large print that I got from Minted, because it wasn't one of my photos! I had no idea he was like that, but I think its really cute.


So, I thought about different things that I could do to make our bedroom more unique. I knew I wanted to do something with the accent wall, but I wasn't 100% sure how to. I've always loved painting, so I started getting some ideas together, and I finally decided that I wanted to paint the wall ombre. Now, if you know me, you know I love a good ombre. Back in the day, I was obsessed with watercolors and painting watercolors. My go-to pattern was always doing some form of ombre.


It was actually a really easy process. I just used two colors, I saw some places that said to use three, but I wanted to use what we already had. So, I used the same white that we had on the walls, and the black color we used for the dresser.

I got two containers for the lighter colors and the darker colors. I knew I would be mixing, and I wanted to make sure that I started with a good foundation.

I started at towards the bottom and mixed in a just a very small amount of the black (if we were baking, I would say I took 2 cups of the white and mixed in 1 TSP of the black.

I painted (with a roller), roughly two feet of that from top to bottom, and worked my way from one side to the other.

Once I was done with that, I mixed in a few more TSP of the black and painted right above the other part I just painted with a roller.

Then, when I was done with that color, and while the paint was still wet, I took a clean paint brush and made vertical strokes to blend them together. If you need, take the roller and add more paint.

Then, I moved onto the other paint tray. I used this solely for the darkest color. With the last two feet at the top, I used the black by itself, and then blended it in with the middle grey color.

Now, I messed up here, because I didn't do the bottom. Not sure what I was thinking honestly guys. I was a little worried, but I used the same container that I used for the lightest grey. I still had some left over, so I added in a couple more cups of the white color. I mixed it in the lighter color tray and used that for the bottom color. It ended up being a lighter grey, which I really loved!

Just make sure you clean out and wash your brushes!

Let me know if you try it out!





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