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Our Wedding!

Wow. I cannot believe that I never posted our wedding photos! Like what? I know I've shared a million and one on my Instagram, but I just love them and I figured I would clog down your email with some photos that you probably could care less about seeing.

First off, our wedding was honestly just the most amazing day ever. There were a few kinks that happened, but I think you have to be prepared for that and expect it. You can't think everything is going to be perfect, because when is it ever?

We were blessed enough to have our wedding at the Blake Estate. My uncle has been doing work for Mr. Blake for years, and he was kind enough to offer up his home for us to have our wedding there. His estate consists of a hundred acres of land, with over twenty buildings. Its insane.

For our wedding, we rented a framed tent to house our farm tables, chairs and dance floor. Then, we used the bar for cocktail hour and the bar. We were married down by one of the ponds, too.

Our friend Christine was our photographer, and I think she did such an amazing job! I really, really hate getting my photo taken. But, with her, it didn't feel like we were getting photos taken. She just made us crack jokes and we smiled the whole time.

Oh, and we also did a first look. Needless to say my mom was not happy about that part...

My mom was mortified that we were going to do a first look! We really wanted to though. I personally think it makes the day a little more special, and we got to have our alone time before all of the craziness.

I wanted to go with a really neutral palette. Shocker, I know. I was really obsessed with the idea of having white bridesmaids dresses. I didn't want to stand out, I just wanted it to look as though we all showed up to a party and coordinated. My bridesmaids dresses were all from BHLDN, and the men's suits were from Indichino.

​I ended up going to the same place to get my wedding dress that my best friend got hers called Tulle. They were in the process of moving to a bigger location, and they were having a 80% off sale! Yep, insane right? I was able to get my dress for $400. Crazy. But that made me incredibly happy.

For flowers, I'm not actually a flower kind of girl. I can appreciate them, but I think I know the names of maybe three or four flowers, with roses being half of that. So, I wanted to get eucalyptus instead. Since we got the long 16' farmhouse dining tables, I bought a bunch of fabric and made floor length table runners. I paired that with some air plants and candles, and I was so happy with how it turned out.

By the end of the night, I think I was just in a big whirlwind. It's weird, because the whole day leading up to the wedding, I didn't feel like I was getting married. It didn't hit me until the music started, and my brother was walking my mom down the aisle.

All in all I couldn't have asked for a better wedding. We had so many amazing family members and friends pitch in and help out in order to make it a great day. Thank you to everyone who helped!





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