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6 Must Use Tips When Designing a House With Kids

I would say that a majority of my clients have younger kids. Being a designer, this means that I need to be cognitive of the items that I'm selecting. I have to make sure that they are functional and hold up to accidents, while also still looking beautiful.

While there are a lot of things to consider, they are really easy to incorporate! You don't have to go out of your way to design for children, you just need to make sure you are aware of the items and what hazard they could bring.

I think it goes without saying that you don't want sharp edges or white fabrics. But, there are some other tips that I have picked up on over the years.

See below for some tips on how to design for kids!


Use indoor outdoor rugs for dining spaces

This is one tip that I use all the time. You want a rug in the space to pull it together, but you don't want to spend money and have something get ruined. Use an indoor outdoor rug that is more prone to liquids and stains.

Performance fabrics are a must

A lot of companies make kid and pet friendly fabrics. They are more stain resistant and are easily washable.

Use eggshell finish paint

This is the scrubbable finish for walls.

Keep tables and hard surfaces rounded

It stinks when you have this beautifully designed room, and then you have to put little

rubber safe guards on them. Safe yourself the hassle and get rounded edge pieces.

Have flexible furniture

Use items that can be mixed and moved around! My go-tos are little ottomans. They are even better when they have storage for toys!

They are kids, so be practical!

Please, if you have kids, do not get a white sofa. It will get ruined. As much as a white sofa looks crisp and clean, just think about your favorite plain white t shirt. Maybe you're like me and you're a big klutz. Anytime you go to drink something you spill it. Do yourself a favor, save time, and get a darker colored sofa.





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