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The Hottest Tile Trends For 2019

If you guys have been following me, you know that tile is my favorite thing to design with! There are so many different ways to incorporate tile into your space. You can keep it simple and use subway tile, or really give it a good punch with a cool cement tile.

We are looking to redo our master bathroom this summer, so you better believe that I'm pulling inspiration from these trends. I'm thinking of doing a vertical tile in either green or a warm neutral paired with a simple concrete or white terrazzo floor.

Whatever your style might be, there's a tile for someone. And whatever someone you may be, I am sharing some of this year's biggest tile trends.

Vertical Tile

I love love vertical tile. It makes the room look taller and longer. I love that these are making a comeback!

Pattern Play

Cement tiles have been around the past few years, and I don't see them going away anytime soon. They are bold and bring in some fun color to the space.



Okay okay, so I've had this one on my list for the past couple of years. But for good reason! I mean can you blame me?!

Large Format Tile

Who needs grout joints when you have large format tile?

Warm Tones

I've been really into these warm tones lately. Maybe its because I'm still stuck in the New England cold? Quite possible.