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Are You Ready to Go Bold With Color?

2019 guys. The year of color, am I right? As you all know, I'm a huge fan of neutrals, and lets face it, our home pretty much consists of neutrals, too.

But, what you don't know, pre Lawless, circa early '10s, I was obsessed with color. Bold colors, patterns, you name it. I barely had any black and white clothing. I loved putting on a cool aztec print shirt, I thought they were awesome. And I mean, they still are! I still have some laying around at the cape house actually.

But, I entered a more sophisticated era, I guess you could call it. I started looking at pieces that were more timeless, rather than trendy. I loved the idea of the simplicity of color fused with unique details like a cool joinery joint or a leather strap or something like that.


I think one reason that for me, neutrals work in our home, is because I get sick of colors real quick. I like changing up things constantly and I hate having things be the same for too long. So, rather than put the trendy color of the year in our living room (although I did do that in Mike's old home Client Do It Yourself!), I like sticking with colors that will stand the test of time for awhile. If its paint, I'm totally down to try something fun and different. But, I personally won't be buying a bright red velvet sofa anytime soon because Lord knows I will be obsessed with it for a few months, and then be sick of it!

And while I love neutrals, and will definitely be staying in my lane in that department, I might be straying a little more than I used to be. After completing our project Client Mother of Plants, I was so inspired by color again. I have to say, it was really refreshing. I think sometimes that as designers, we can get comfortable with what we love and stick to that. It's fun to be pushed outside our normal realm and to try something new.

So my question for you, are you ready for it? Color that is guys. But I bet you now have that tswift song stuck in your head now! You're welcome.






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