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The Ten at Ten

Now that we are a month into the new year, its that time where resolutions start declining and old habits start making a comeback.

I thought it would be great motivation for this week's roundup to include a bunch of cute workout gear! I know for me, I always love getting new workout clothes. It actually makes me want to wear them and look cute while working out!

I bought this amazing gym bag a couple of years ago, and sadly, its no longer available, but I linked one similar below! Fabletics is my go-to brand for good quality workout gear, too. I've found that I always get great deals and great quality clothes. I typically order a bunch of things a couple of times a year.

Another imperative workout piece are sneakers. They can really make or break a workout. Make sure that you get a pair that are supportive enough and are comfortable! I've gone through a lot of various types of shoes to find the right ones for me.


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