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How to Transition Home Decor From Winter to Spring

Well folks, I think its safe to say we are over the winter hump! It's been so nice here in New England. It's been in the 50's, but it just seems so much warmer. Maybe because it was freezing the last couple of weeks before? Whatever it may be, I am extremely happy that its finally spring!

While its that time of year where we are taking down winter decor and putting away the cozy blankets (jk I always have mine out year round), we need to be able to fill our homes with some freshness for the new season! And, if you're anything like me, you get bored with your home, and like to switch things up on the reg.

I feel like I'm constantly changing and moving our decor around our home. Not because I don't like it, but because I love change and love getting excited about new things!

Follow along for some of the ways that I'm getting ready for spring with our home!

Fresh Flowers

I feel like this is the most obvious and easiest one. Just pick your favorite flower! (I don't even know what mine is, maybe peonies? Are those even in season? No idea but I do like them!) Get a cool vase, or a glass if you don't have one.

Swap out your blankets and linens

I also have so many blankets around the house and on our bed. I love sleeping with it being a little cold, and then wrapping myself up and cuddling. But, since its warmer out, I take off the blankets and leave the duvet and sheets on.

Add some color

I'm a sucker for neutral colors, but I do love adding in some fun pops in the warmer months. Try adding in color with a mix of pillows, vases and artwork.

More plants never hurt anybody

Enough said.

Change out your dark heavy curtains for light airy ones

This is one that's going to be on personal preference. I for one, love waking up with the sun. We have light filtering curtains in our bedroom to just help with our drafty windows. Try switching out your curtains for lighter or even sheers.

What one's are you going to incorporate this spring??