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How to Refinish a Vintage Dresser Into a Modern Masterpiece

Hey guys!

So, as you know, I'm in love with vintage pieces and mixing them with modern decor. There's something to be said about having a little pieces of history in your space. It somehow makes it more unique, more you, and gives your space personality. It's something that someone else can't just hop online and buy.

I was extremely close to my great grandparents growing up. A few years ago, they passed away. When they left, they handed down some pieces to me that are so special. They are elements in the room that are a conversation starter. They make me smile and happy to see whenever I walk into the room.

My great grandfather had a his dresser that was given to us. I loved it, but mahogany isn't really the aesthetic that I'm going for in the house. We are using walnuts and oak woods so, I wanted to switch this dresser up.

Follow along for the steps as to how I turned the outdated mahogany dresser into a modern masterpiece!

1. Clean the Dresser

Make sure the dresser is clean and good to go!

2. Take off the hardware

Use a drill or a screwdriver to take off the hardware.

3. Strip the Dresser

Use a sand/paint striper. Follow the directions as to how to apply and how long to leave on for. I used a paint brush to apply even strokes in just one direction. Leave on for 15 minutes and wipe off.

4. Fill in the holes

Take a small piece of cardboard or plastic to apply the wood filler. Wear gloves when you are doing this as you don't want to get it on your skin. Wait until it dries, about 15 minutes, and sand. I used a power sander to make this process go quicker, but if you don't have one, you can sand it by hand.

5. Paint

Use a roller and apply one coat of paint. I used a dark color and it had a built in primer. So, I just needed two coats.

6. Drill holes

Use the outside holes as your guide. Take your drill and re-drill the holes in the same spot. Then, take a level or ruler and make a straight line on the line of the holes. Place the new hardware on the line and use your pencil to mark where the new holes will go. Take your drill and put it in the center of the mark. Drill slowly, and carefully. Do this on the other side.

7. Assemble hardware

Screw in the new hardware on both sides and your done!





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