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The Ten at Ten

Hi all!

So over the years, I've been really into skincare. Having such sensitive skin, I've tried sooo many different types of skincare from Proactiv, to Skin ID, to anything that they sell at all drugstore or makeup store. It's taken many years, and a lot of frustration to clear my skin and get more confident in my skin (literally).


Now, Glossier definitely did not clear my skin or make my skin miraculously have a glow just like their models do. But, I do love the company and their products. I love how there is finally a company that appreciates you, and wants you to feel good, without having a pound of makeup on. Isn't the point of makeup to enhance your features? Not to slap a mask on and look like a totally different person. I mean, at least thats what I think it should do.

I'm the type of person who rarely wears makeup, unless I'm out at a meeting, at church, or a night out with Mike or the girls. So, when I do wear makeup, I want it to look natural and not feel overpowering. Theres nothing that makes me feel more uncomfortable then having makeup and actually feeling like you have makeup on. To me, makeup is fun and its fun to look your best, but personally I think that less is more and subtle enhancements can go a long way.

Then comes in Glossier. They don't even have a foundation! Like what?! Okay, that freaks me out because I do like to wear foundation. But their thought it hey, why hide your face? The skin tint evens out your skin tone, concealer to make it look like we got that 8 hours of sleep, even though we all know we didn't, and their powder to even and set it all out.

So, in light of feeling your best, and being confident in your skin, here are some of my picks from Glossier.


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