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2019 Biggest Interior Design Trends

Last year, my biggest blog hit was the interior design trends of 2018. So, I figured, I should probably do an updated 2019 one, too huh! Theres something to be said about trends. And, while I'm not the biggest "trend" lover, I do appreciate using elements that show a time and place and have a relevancy.

One of my favorite eras is the 1920's and 30's. I am obsessed with Art Deco and the geometric style the "trend" exhibits. I also am a big fan of the 1970's with a more earthy hippie vibe. Those are things that can add a sense of style and flavor to a room to make it more unique. It's fusing different elements and making it your own. Thats what I love about trends.

So, on behalf of the new year, new beginnings, and changing things up, here is a list of some of the trends I'm excited to use for next year!


Vintage Curated

This has and always will be my favorite. Now, its not very "trendy", but it definitely is something that i see being a little more intentional. Whether its leaving it in its original state, or altering it to bring out its features, this is a great way to express yourself in your home.


I LOVE texture! It makes a room feel so much more diverse and multidimensional. What better way then to start with the walls?

Color Pop

Okay, I know, I know. I love neutrals as much as the next person, but its so fun to bring in other colors and get creative this way. We are going to start seeing some fun, warm color palettes next year.

Vertical Tile

Subway tile will always have a time and place, but how about switching it up? Taking those tiles and just rotating them 90 degrees can make a huge difference! It makes the room feel bigger and elongates the space.


Raw. Anything. Wood, steel, brass, copper, stone, you name it. Just make sure it comes from the earth and you're good to go


This one I actually had on the list months ago after going to the design show in Milan. I am still a huge fan of this, and definitely know we will be seeing it around!


Why spread your wallet thin and your dust cleaner heavy? Save your money and your wallet by being more intentional with the items. Just a few items in a room can make a bigger impact than cluttering it with things that you don't even love.


Handmade objects are very cool in my opinion. Not one is the same. This can add some interesting depth and personality to your space.

There you have it, the biggest interior design trends of 2019. Comment with what ones your most excited about!






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