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The Ten at Ten

Hi friends!

I'm writing to you guys the week before we take off for New Zealand! With most of our trips, they revolve around hiking and outdoorsy things. So, pretty much almost all of my suitcase is filled with active and outer wear. When it comes to being outside, I don't mess around with brands, and I'm pretty stringent on brands and what I wear. I always want to be warm when its cold out, and the opposite for those hot, humid hiking days. I only shop at a few places and absolutely love the places that I do get items from

I'm pretty sure I can say that my family has been wearing LL bean for so long, that it's kept them in business. My mom has had duck boots not only before they were cool, but for as long as I've been alive! Their socks and flannels are all I wear and will know that I'll be toasty warm.

Fabletics is another brand that I'm an advocate of. Their quality is really great, and their pricing is awesome! I always get great deals whenever I shop there. Plus, you get two leggings for $25 when you sign up, so, I mean you really can't beat that!

Nike is another brand that I'm a die heart fan. I almost solely buy Nikes (besides my Allbirds) for gym and everyday shoes. When I lived in Boston, I would walk around so much, that I needed good quality and support shoes for when I was running errands. Nike is the perfect balance between cool styles and comfort.

As for the rest, I'll let you take a peak and check out the rest of the items that I've rounded up for you!


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