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We've all been there--overflowing closets with doors that won't shut, dressers stuffed to the max you can't even open them anymore, clothes tossed around you can barely see your floors. And if this isn't you, bless you and lets become best friends.



I know, I know, you may need that skirt that you bought 5 years ago and have only worn once, but maybe its time to revisit your closet. I'm guilty of holding onto items that I always think I'm going to use or wear, and I honestly never do. My new rule of thumb, if you haven't used it in the last year, donate or toss it.

Make your bed when you wake up

This is my biggest to do of the day. There's something about having a made bed when you walk into your room.

Hang up any clothes

We've all been there before. Late for work, or to meet up with the girls, and no idea what you are going to wear. You end up ripping down half your closet in hopes of finding the perfect outfit that makes you feel oh so confident. But then when you get home, there's a massive pile of clothes taking over your entire bedroom floor.

Pro Tip: I will try on one outfit at a time. Once I try something on that I don't like, I immediately hang it back up, and move onto the next outfit to try on. It saves a lot of stress and hassle trying to hang everything up at the same time.

Get a stylish hamper for your laundry

Laundry-the end all be all of house chores. No one wants to do it, but once you run out of leggings and you resort to wearing your sig oths sweat pants, its time to do the laundry my friends. I find that when you have a stylish hamper with multiple departments for darks, lights, etc., the sorting is already done for you, and all you have to do is toss it into the washer, throw in some detergent, and pray to God that someone comes up with a automatic folding technique in the near future. (cough cough, Mike get on that :) ).


Get closet organizers

This will save you so much time and stress trying to find where to put things, how to pack them away, and really just make life a lot easier when you are trying to track down your winter gloves after a full year of absence. If you have less storage like I do for my apartment, then get some under the storage bins. They will definitely come in use.


Have a purpose and a place for everything

My rule of thumb, if it isn't functional, or it doesn't bring some form of beauty or happiness to the space, its not for you and it should be sold, donated, or just tossed. Wouldn't you rather have space for the things that you truly love, and have those be the focal pieces?

Rotate seasonal clothing

I never used to do this, until I moved to Boston. When I didn't have enough space (I didn't even have a closet, Mike had to make me an armoire!), I started being more cognitive and efficient with space. I would take my suitcases, that were just sitting in the corner, and I would fill them with the opposite season's clothes, that I knew I wouldn't be wearing for quite some time.






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