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I get asked this question all the time! What colors do I paint each room? How do I make my home cohesive?

My thought is to alway start out with a concept of what you like, and how you want your home to reflect your personal style. I love Art Deco, Mid Century Modern, and Boho styles, so you'll find that my own home has a mix of all three .

The next step is to start getting your pallet together. Whether you like neutrals and texture, or you're more of a color person, start picking the colors that you are drawn to.

I'm a big fan of painting the whole house one color (I love white as a backdrop!), and then adding accents of color with one off rooms, kitchen cabinets, etc. In the craftsman home, the kitchen cabinets were also the same color as one guestroom's accent color, and the master's closets. It's great to see a color show up at least a couple of times, to really tie everything together.

And for that matter, it doesn't always have to be paint either! You can take that cobalt blue color you love so much and head on over to West Elm and pick up that blue velvet sofa you have been eyeing for months.

To get you started, I created a template with four of my go to color palettes. If you need some more ideas, here's some of my go to paint colors, too! Enjoy!



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