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Well it’s been a few months since I’ve given you all an update on how the craftsman home is doing! As most of you all know, Mike is an amazing engineer. Seriously think of anything you want to be built, and he will find a way. And because I’m me, I love taking that on as a challenge. Mike bought his home just 4 years ago and has made really good progress considering what he started with. This craftsman home was built in the 1900’s and there are most definitely some structural as well as aesthetic changes that need to be made. Before we met, he completed gutted the one and only bathroom down to the joists. It’s probably a good thing looking back that it took him a year to do this, because that year he didn’t have access to a shower was the same year that we saw each other every morning at the gym. (Too bad he waited until the week I was moving to finally talk to me and ask me out!) He was just finishing up demoing the initial guestroom when we started dating. The first time I walked into his home it was literally walking into a construction site. I thought nothing of it. Growing up my dad was always gutting one room after another. This is where I got my start for my love for interior design. So the fact that Mike’s whole room was ripped to shreds was just like any other day from my childhood. (Apparently my nonchalant reaction got me brownie points! Although I didn’t find out till months later)

It’s been really great working on Mike’s home together. It’s just another layer of our relationship that we can connect with. The way we work is I create a 3D model in Sketch-Up and send it on over to him. That creative engineer then takes it and works his magic. Every time I go to his home he makes great progress. I help, but lets face it, we leave the real work to Mike. Once that guestroom was finished, it was onto the next one. But, since the second guestroom is adjacent to the living room, we both thought “Why not just do both in one shot?” So, that’s what he did and where we are now. Mike is about ¾ through these renovations. Poor guy, too. I think about the things I’m designing and they are not easy to build! Making an angled reclaimed wood feature wall or hanging floating-looking beams is not a piece of cake. But Mike sure seems to make it look that way.

A few weeks ago, a couple of our friends and I went down and helped with some renovations. Kristin and I painted the dining room, kitchen, and staircase, while Mike and Chad completely gutted the porch. We decided to leave the wall paneling in the dining room and staircase to keep some of the craftsman character. However, we wanted to brighten up the space, so we painted it my favorite go-to-white color -- Snowbound by Sherwin Williams. For the porch, we are currently in the process of selecting tile for the floors. We are going with a vertical white shiplap and painting the existing door.

Once these rooms are complete, we will start on the upstairs!

Stay tuned folks!





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