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There are coffee people and there are tea people. Well, I am both. And when asked what one I would choose, I honestly couldn't tell you. Coffee is great for that jump start of caffeine, but I love the way that tea relaxes me. When I wake up I will have a cup of coffee to get me going. But, the drink that I have recently discovered is apple cider vinegar. In the winter my hair and skin get so dry, so I started googling various ways to help this problems. Apple cider vinegar seemed to be such an amazing home remedy, I decided to try it out. I went down to the local Trader Joe's, bought some, and gave it a go. People recommend different ways of drinking it, but I just simply put it in hot water like you would with tea. Note: only use 1 tsp. I've heard people say they hate the taste but come to find out its because they were putting in way more! Let me break it down for you so you can decide for yourself if you want to try it out, too!


1. Teeth whitener

2. Natural detox

3. Cures colds

4. Aids in weight loss

5. Relieves allergies

6. Household Cleaner

7. Skin Toner

8. Balances pH levels

9. Soothes sunburns

10. Healths Poison ivy

11. Blood Sugar Balance

12. Hair Conditioner

13. Lowers Cholesterol

14. Soothes sore throat

15. Clears acne

16. Boosts energy


1. Honey, Cinnamon, and hot water

2. Honey, Garlic, lemon, water, and ice

3. Ginger, honey, water, and ice

4. Berries, lemon, water, and ice

5. Watermelon, honey, and ice

Do you need anymore reasons? I sure didn't. I have been using it for about a 9 months now and I've noticed a pretty big different in my hair and skin for sure. I haven't tried it out as a cleaner but maybe one day!



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