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Living in the North End is absolutely amazing. I am so fortunate to be living in such an incredible city. I am completely grateful for a roof over my head, and am so lucky to live with two of my good friends. You know what comes with a North End apartment though? No space. Lets put it in perspective-my roommate has to have a twin size bed in her room and mine came without a closet. Silly me didn’t even think about that when I was moving from the spacious loft I was renting from my friend’s parents. I had a whole wall over 10’ long and 12’ tall dedicated to a built in closet! When I stepped foot into my new apartment, I was suddenly woken up to the fact that my room was this ugly, dirty, chipped white VCT. Lucky for me, I knew exactly what to do. I went online, ordered some beautiful rustic wood looking LVT and installed it myself. I found the most trouble with the closet. I didn’t want to bring my childhood dressers to my new apartment. And, when I looked online at armoires I had two choices-Ikea furniture or stuff ten times the price. I just wanted something that was good quality and reasonably priced. Is that too much to ask for? When I mentioned this to Mike, he was all for me designing one. He offered to build something if I designed it. Once I heard that, I got to work right away. If you look through my designs you’ll see a combination of rustic, modern farmhouse with a flair of classic Art Deco. I’m a sucker for geometric shapes. I also spoke about wanting a desk in my room, but didn’t have enough space to have both. We threw around different ideas of how to incorporate a desk in the armoire. After some time, we finally came up with the idea of having a second panel extend from the inside of the armoire and fold down into a desk. From there, Mike did everything. Correction, I picked out the Anthropologie door knobs. Then, from there, Mike did everything. He figured out the logistics of how to make the doors and panels work. What an amazing outcome right?! I’m completely in love with my new armoire. And so are my clothes. I won’t mention how long they were hung up on my window and folded in my suitcases…





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