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If you’re anything like me, you absolutely love the look of a good carra marble. Unfortunately, with that stunning beauty comes a steep price tag and lots of maintenance. Cabernet drinker? Yeah me too. Clumsy? Even better. Spill a glass of that all over your white marble counter and watch the beauty instantly fade away before your eyes. Even sealed, marble finds a way to let any small amount of liquid into its pores, which then in turn causes discoloration and staining. And lets face it, granite was cool while it lasted. But, those days have come and gone my friends. Quartz has made its way into our homes and theres no sight of it leaving anytime soon.

The great thing about quartz is that there is such a variety of colors, styling and detailing. And, because it has become so popular, you can find it anywhere. Since this is manmade stone we are talking about, there’s pretty much any and every color out there. Flecks of golds and silvers, graining with indigo swirls, there’s a quartz for every home. Some of my favorite companies that I personally use are Zodiaq and Cambria. Cambria’s jewel collection is just stunning. Rosslyn has been one of my go to’s for years now. They don’t just come in neutrals, though.

Don’t be scared to be creative! Why stop at countertops? You can use stone as backsplashes or even open shelving. Just because stone is typically used as countertops, it doesn’t mean that it should ONLY be used as countertops. Thinking outside the lines like this is going to add more character and charm to your home and make it stand out from everyone else’s.





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