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I've said it before, and I'll say it again, kitchens are my favorite room in a home. It's where you gather to create delicious meals for your family. And, if anyone knows me, its that I love food. A lot. Having a great kitchen for my family and I to congregate is imperative to me.

Over the years I've gathered some elements that I personally feel are essential to creating the perfect farmhouse home. Adding these elements together will create a cozy, comfortable environment that you will love to spend time in, even if its cooking 5 batches of cupcake for your kid's bake sale the next day.

Bold Island

Having an island is great. You are able to prep your food with more room, you can add in some bar stools so people can sit down while you cook, and you can even throw your purse and jacket down on it when you can't make it to the closet after a long day of work. Picking a color gives a little fun surprise. It's so unexpected, yet makes so much sense. It brings your focus to the center of the room, and draws you in.

Statement Lighting

Adding to that bold island that I just talked about, what better way to spruce it up than to add some cool pendant lights overhead? Edison bulbs or glass pendants lights are a great way to add in that farmhouse style with lighting.

Classic Floors

Whether you are into wood floors, or tile, theres a floor for you! Sticking to neutral colors is best. Flooring is something that is a lot harder to redo than simply painting the walls. Add in color with accents like pots, window treatments or vases instead.

Farmhouse Sink

No farmhouse kitchen would be complete without the ever popular farmhouse sink. And how could you not want one?! They are not only stylish, but functional, too. They

Killer Backsplash

I feel like the backsplash gets overlooked quite a bit. But why? Adding a classic subway tile or a cool mosaic will give your kitchen that extra touch of style.


Adding some fresh herbs to your kitchen is great! You can use them for cooking (fresh herbs are always better!) and they add a calming essence to the room.

Personal Touch

Leave you mark by adding your personal flair to the room. My personal favorite is a quote or a word that you love. One that sticks out to me is "Gather". I love that phrase because thats exactly what I want to do when I'm in the kitchen, is have my loved ones gather around.

Add of of these things together and you have yourself one grand farmhouse kitchen!





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