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Ever walk into a restaurant or bathroom and look down and see amazing floors that you just have to take a photo of? Yeah, don’t worry, me too.

Throughout my time as a designer, I’ve always found my favorite material to design with to be tile. There are so many different ways to use it! One small change of selecting a different grout color, or orienting the tiles in a different way can totally change the design. Tile can put that unexpected twist into the room that really makes you go “WOW!”

Over the years I’ve seen my design style grow and become more refined. If anyone knows me, it’s that I love to focus on details of design and love to find an element that just makes the room pop. And let’s be honest, how can you not love a fun tile that leads you into your kitchen or that trendy cafe you and your friends go to for brunch on Saturdays?

When I speak to tile reps, they talk about how their tile lines are related to fashion. Fashion for the home that is. Taking tile and implementing it into your home is like putting on a chunky necklace—it creates that final touch that makes a bold statement. You could have the most basic white kitchen, but add in a fun backsplash and BOOM, instant style.

Design Tips

A lot of times tile can be overlooked and put on the back burner, making it one of the last things that people pick out. I love starting with my designs from the ground up. More often than not, my spaces are determined by what flooring I want to use. Think of floors as your foundation, and you build upon that foundation.

Not all tiles are equal! Use caution with tile on the floor. This can cause slipping when wet, and no one wants to trip into their screen door they just replaced after the dog ran through it. I prefer using porcelain tile in wet areas because it is durable and doesn’t absorb water. Natural stone is great and is incredibly durable, but come on, most of us are on budgets here!

Long story short, tile is great.



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