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10 Small Businesses To Support This Holiday Season

You know we are a sucker for small businesses and we make it our mission to champion them on any chance we get. During the holiday season, your hard earned dollars might not make a difference for a big department store but it will mean everything to a small business. We encourage you, this season and beyond, to seek out the small businesses in your city or town and make it a point to support them. I've curated a list of my favorite places for you to check out.

Made with love in Rhode Island. Aster Candles are hand poured in small batches, using soy wax from American grown soybeans. Thoughtfully blended fragrance and essential oils, combined with lead-free, cotton wicks create a longer, cleaner burning candle that smells just as good as it looks.

IG: @astercandle

NAVA opened in May 2008 as a small clothing boutique on Thayer Street. In November 2015, the shop was relocated to a larger space on Wickenden Street. The new space allowed for an expansion of inventory, where they now carry gifts and home décor as well.

IG: @shopnava

Erika started word strings in her college dorm room sophomore year. At first, she hand-embroidered all of her pieces and offered custom sayings. Thus, the name word strings. She strung words onto your clothes and gave you the opportunity to wear them. She took to social media to advertise her new endeavor and share the ups and downs of a new business. One of her reels, the one her dad encouraged her not to quit, went viral and the rest is history.

IG: @wordstringsco

Ian Carter Body Company's mission is to provide accessible, quality body care products for people who have sensitive skin needs. From chemicals irritating your skin, products making skin dryer, fragrances giving headaches or causing hormonal imbalances. Their goal is to provide solutions to solve or soothe.

IG: @iancarterbodycompany

Hiithouse offers high intensity interval training (Hiit) in 30 and 45 minute sessions. This type of training is perfect for those short on time. Hiit training is effective in burning more calories in a shorter amount of time, losing body fat, improving oxygen consumption and an increased metabolic rate. They understand that losing weight and gaining muscle can be challenging, and their goal is to help you overcome hurdles and reach your goals. You can gift yourself or a loved one a session or two this holiday.

IG: @hiithousema

This was the dream of founder Kelly Brabants in 2014. A dream that inspired their clothing line which unites women of all shapes, sizes, and ages by removing unnecessary numbers from the shopping experience. Their durable, one-size-fits-most leggings and collection of athleisurewear manufactured in Brazil are designed to flatter all body types while promoting comfort and confidence from the inside out.

IG: @shopbootybybrabants

I've been going to my hairdresser, Miguel, for 8 years now. In 2021 he opened this salon with his business partner. They are located on Newbury street which makes for the perfect location to grab food and do a little shopping after some hair love. They customer service, attention to detail and professionalism is always on point. Gift cards are available during the holiday season and beyond. It's the perfect treat for a girlfriend who needs a self-care day.

IG: @formathesalon

Aroma Rose & Co.

This local shop makes hand poured & crafted candles and homemade bath & body products. Started midst the COVID-19 pandemic, Aliya, a new mom, was suffering with her health in all aspects. She decided to research the benefits of essential oils and herbs. This curiosity grew to become Aroma Rose & Co. The holiday list of candles, body oils, massage oil and body scrub is extensive with lots to pick from. Customers can purchase a "gift box" to mix and match their favorite products. *ordered through Instagram*

IG: @aromaroseandco

All of the vessels have been meticulously designed on paper, then prototyped on the wheel. They produce batches of their wares using three manufacturing methods. The vases are hand-thrown on the potters wheel, the plates and bowls are jiggered, and the drinkware is slip cast. They do take care to preserve signs of our handcraft as we create our products so that each vessels or dish is still unique. All Myrth Ceramics are made from a durable porcelain clay which is fired to Cone 10 in their two electric kilns.

IG: @myrthceramics

MA's newest tattoo shop opened by Brockton natives Derek Jesus and Andy Vicente is booming since January 2022. Even though the shop opened this year, Derek, Andy and their staff have been tattooing for years. The shop has quickly become the spot for those who want intrinsic art on their skin and the team is known to deliver and capture the client's vision every time. Gift cards are available during the holiday season and would make a great gift for your friend who is itching for a tattoo.

IG: @grandflourishcollective

- Raph




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