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10 Healthy or Eco-Friendly Recipes You Should Try This Christmas

If you've been following our weekly blogs all year, you know we're heavily focused on sustainability both in the homes we design but also in our life. Hopefully, you've started your own sustainable journey this year following some of the tips we've shared with you. It can feel like it's impossible to be sustainable around this time of year with the all the holiday shopping and cooking. Well, fear no more because I've compiled a few recipes that are delicious but still eco-friendly for you to try this season.

Homemade, fluffy pancakes for holiday breakfasts? Yes please. Pancakes are not only great starters for your day, but also easy to make. The healthier version of this pancake includes ripe bananas (the browner the skin, the better) and whole wheat flour. With this, you’ll reduce sugar, save money, and reduce food waste (overripe banana skin is easier to compost, too).

Smoothie bowl is so fast to make but packed with nutrients and the taste is ten out of ten. It’s so refreshing, dairy free, and sweet without added sweeteners. This recipe uses soy milk, which will reduce your water footprint significantly.

Slushies are great, especially if you live in hotter, tropical areas. Not only that this blueberry slush refresh and cools you down, it doesn’t have added sugar. Simply put, this dessert is something that you almost can’t get enough of. To make it green, buy frozen fruits to prevent food wastage. With this, you save landfill space and energy to grow, transport, and sell food a little bit. Even though it’s not much, every little thing counts.

One of the best ways to go green for holiday cooking is going meatless. This recipe requires dark chickpeas and a blend of Indian spices, lemon juice, and fresh herbs. Even though it’s simple, this salad is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Again, all meaty recipes don’t have to include meat like in this recipe. Despite the name, this recipe is so quick and simple to make. It’s also perfect for you those who are short on time and low in ingredients. And by going meatless, you personally cut down a good amount of water usage that’s used to take care of animals.

6. Scrambled Eggs on Wholewheat Toast

Scrambled eggs is a rich source of protein, and to make a healthy appetizer or breakfast, you should get whole grain bread toasted in olive oil (instead of butter). Adding some veggies and herbs is also recommended for a dish full of complex carbs, fiber, and healthy fats.

Vegan burger that tastes heavenly? This recipe is the answer even if you're a meat-eater.

Make this recipe more eco-friendly by getting pumpkins (and other produce) seasonally. Produce that you can find all the time leaves more carbon footprint because of transportation, storing, packaging, and refrigerating.

The name is rather morbid, but it has a reason. The Mormons usually make this dish when they’re grieving (or one day after somebody’s funeral). Even though the name sounds grim, the food itself is really great comfort food which is just perfect for holidays. The real recipe requires potatoes, cheese, butter, creamy soups, and potato chips or cornflakes for topping.

Don’t worry, there’s also a healthier version for this. Basically, you make everything lighter (using low fat cheese and sour cream, for example) and you substitute them, but the result is just as delish.

Did you know that by eating more beans you're help the environment? Pulses like beans have low carbon footprint because farmers only add a bit to no nitrogen fertilizer. Other than that, beans only use half amount of water that’s usually used to produce other sources of protein. That being said, you should try this energizing and meatless salad.

You can’t deny the fact that meatballs are quality comfort foods, and you can make your guests satisfied without too much hassle. Now, one of the perfect ways to make eco-friendly meatballs is using vegetarian ground meat (which looks and tastes like the real deal) or mushrooms. With this recipe, you’ll healthier while reducing your carbon footprint!

Happy Eats.