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From a four bedroom, one bath traditional home, to a three bedroom, two bath modern farmhouse oasis. This Milton home started with an excessive amount of storage closets, and inefficient usage of the space. We scaled down the rooms to provide a luxurious master bathroom, and functional bedroom layouts. 

The master bathroom is definitely my favorite space. It is so light and airy. There are so many unique elements to the space that really make it personal. We had leftover shiplap from the hallway that we ended up being able to use for the bathroom to create another statement wall adjacent to the black frame shower.

The hallway was another fun space to do. This was a really tight closed off hallway with a bunch of little closets throughout. We knocked down the wall, shifted the master bedroom to the other side, and put in a metal railing to allow for extra light to disperse into the space.


Second floor renovation


Milton, Massachusetts



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