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Kingston, MA


Date Completed



Joyelle West

What started as a renovation of their previous home, turned into moving and renovating a completely new home. After they stumbled across this home, the clients loved the potential of this home and decided to switch gears. When our clients came to us, they wanted a minimal, modern home that had touches of rustic and glam infused into specific areas of the home. 


Our clients were big entertainers, so having a large kitchen where they get to gather with friends and family was imperative. The existing kitchen was broken up into multiple spaces with a spiral staircase going down into the wine bar, along with a butlers pantry. We ended up opening everything up and taking out the staircase, because there was another access right next to the kitchen. This allowed for more storage space and a beverage corner. 


Off of the kitchen was the sitting and dining room. The dining room was enclosed, and therefore, very dark. We opened up the walls to the kitchen to allow for additional light on the south side of the home. 


The main bedroom had two separate bathrooms on opposites of the bedroom. In order to create a walk in closet, we utilized the existing “hers” bathroom for that space. The “his” bathroom and existing closet were combined to create the new bathroom. The goal for the space was to make it a spa like bathroom that was bright and airy. They wanted green incorporated, so we added a Fireclay tile to give the bathroom some life. The tub in the bathroom was in the existing bathroom, and was in great shape. We ended up reusing it for the new bathroom while adding in a new custom shower. 


Our clients spent five years living in London. As an ode to London nod, we turned the powder room into a fun London themed space. 


After three years of working together, these clients have become great friends and it was such a pleasure to get to work with them on their home!

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