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Melrose, MA

Date Completed



Joyelle West

Our clients goal for the space was to make a cozy knit cottage infused with the clean lines of Scandinavian design. The existing kitchen was very small and not functional for their family’s everyday use. We added an addition onto the back of the house to extend the kitchen. By doing so, we added a row of windows to capture the natural light. The black walnut trim along the windows as well as the plaster hood wood trim is wood that our clients had for years. Their dad had given them the wood twenty years ago and they hung onto it to be used one day.


To bring in some more texture and depth, we paired oak cabinets around the perimeter with a beadboard painted white island. Our clients own a fireplace company, so having one in the kitchen was imperative. This really gave the kitchen that cozy New England feel. To break up the cabinets, we added some glass pantry cabinets that correlated with the new windows that we added. They were able to use this space to display some of their favorite pieces.


The fusion of modern clean lines with a country cottage is the true reflection of this kitchen.

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