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Ever since I was a little girl, I was exposed to my dad always renovating our home (which actually happens to be the home my mom grew up in too!). I found my spark for creativity at that young age and never looked back. 


My design style has evolved over the years, but what will always stay the same is wanting each space to feel like a true reflection of our clients.  My intention is for each space we design to feel different than the next. One of my favorite ways to do this is to add in vintage pieces into the homes we design. By doing so, it creates a unique touch and personal connection with the client and their home.


I love serving the world by creating beautiful and sustainable spaces for our clients and showing them just how they can incorporate wellness and sustainability into their spaces! Our homes are where we dwell, and I believe that when we have a place that reflects ourselves, it creates a warm, holistic environment. My passion with interior design has been fused with health and wellness throughout my career. It’s been a staple in my business to use my knowledge and WELL accreditation to bring in elements that promote a better way of life for people and the environment.

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