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Ever since Hannah was a little girl, she was exposed to her dad always renovating their home (which actually happens to be the home her mom grew up in too!). She found her spark for creativity at that young age and never looked back. After completing a design degree at one of the East Coast's top interior design schools, she moved to Philadelphia to pursue her career. After some time, she moved back to her home state and started Lawless Design in Boston, MA in 2016.



She loves serving the world by creating beautiful and sustainable spaces for her clients and showing them just how they can incorporate wellness and sustainability into their spaces! Our homes are where we dwell, and she believes that when we have a place that reflects ourselves, it creates a warm, holistic environment. Her passion with interior design has been fused with health and wellness throughout her career. It’s been a staple in her business to use her knowledge from her personal training days and her WELL accreditation, to bring in elements that promote a better way of life for people.




Erica loves design in every capacity— growing up with a contractor father, she found her fascination with design relating to interiors very young and would jump at theopportunity to accompany him to job sites. (Her idea of a good time was spending hours “playing” with his design software and creating floor plans. She’s normal, I swear). She graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design in 2013, and has worked in both the design realm + holistic wellness realm since. She finds helping others realize  the potential of their spaces deeply gratifying. Finding Lawless Design felt like a huge win as she had been searching for a way to marry her passion for design and holistic wellness, and Lawless does just that. Erica loves to be out in nature— she loves hiking, nature walks, and feels most at home by the ocean. She loves keeping up with sustainability practices, and doing whatever she can to help heal the planet. She loves all things holistic wellness, and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Her greatest joy in life has been watching her 21 month old learn, grow and emerge into herself.

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Raphaela is an only child to a single mom. She's a crazy dog mom to Chloe. She is full blooded Brazilian but full hearted American. She is an US Army Vet and a Business Management graduate. She is a coffee addict and a banana bread lover. She is an introvert with a sprinkle of random moments of outgoing-ness? She doesn't think a day goes by in which she doesn't eat white rice at least once. She strangely committed to three hard boiled eggs every morning and she doesn't have a explanation for it. If she were a day of the week, she would be Sunday. Some of her favorite moments always include a good belly laugh and food. She feels the most fulfilled when she helps people who can't repay her. She feels her best when she is around people who are pursing their purpose fearlessly, it reminds her to do the same. She feels the most relaxed in a neutral well balanced clean space.  One of her favorite things about herself is that in everything she does, regardless of how fun or how "serious", she always bring her true complete self.




Four year old Cattle Dog/Australian Shepard mix who likes long walks on the beach, belly rubs + licking peanut butter jars clean.

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