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The Lawless Log Cabin Flooring

The flooring was one of the most crucial decisions during the renovation!

Over the course of the four months that we renovated the Lawless Log Cabin, it went through a lot of changes! One of the biggest decisions we had to make over that time was the flooring. It was a big decision, a 1,200 sq/ft decision to be exact.

To start, we wanted to think about how we wanted the cabin to feel. For me, I wanted it to be warm and inviting, while also being brighter and airy. With the window placement, the cabin was pretty dark. Because we were sanding and redoing the walls and ceiling, it allowed us to brighten up the space with the stain color. We ended up doing a white washed look on the walls and brown stain on the ceilings. With the ceiling being a medium warm brown, it needed to contrast with it.

We knew we wanted to have something that was durable and easy to maintain. Having Kona, that's a big priority!

I heard so many great things about Stuga, and I knew I wanted to go with one of their products. After some back and forth, we decided on the Little Square. I loved the natural oak color and the wide plank. It's a little bit more modern, and I loved that juxtaposition with the pine walls and ceiling. If you know anything about my designs, I love mixing and matching different aesthetics to make things more curated and eclectic. The planks have less knots and there are subtle color variations with the planks. That was the perfect pairing to have with the white washed walls.

With this engineered flooring, it's also an easy installation (which was a big deciding factor!). We certainly didn't want to spend a lot of time installing floors. It's a click step process. We put down the underlayment layer first, and then the flooring went down. The underlayment is antimicrobial and super healthy as it is free from formaldehyde, latex, and PDBEs We decided to nail it because it was going through the whole house. (But it's not necessary). Mike did most of the install, and he couldn't stop talking about how easy it was to install!

A big aspect of why I love the company and product is their strive for sustainability. Knowing that I strive for the best sustainable products for my projects, the cabin was nothing different. I speak a lot about how we opted for eco friendly products and construction on the home. Stuga even carries the most certified floors in the world! You can find more information on the certifications here.

We've had the floors installed for a few months and they have been great! They are easy to clean and are holding up to the endless Kona zoomies.

Overall, we are so happy with the results!





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