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WFH: How-To Create Your Dream Home Office

With so many of us working from home these days, it’s about time we invested in our working environment to ensure the best experience possible. It's hard to be in a space that looks dull and uninspiring. Here are some practical ideas to help you transform your space into a super organized and stylish home office you’ll love spending time in.

Choosing An Area

If you’re going to be essentially doing 8 hours, five days a week in your home office, then you need to make sure you’ve got a prime spot and you’re not skimping on space. Comfort is king, so make sure you’re not squeezing your desk area into a tiny closet or hot-desking at home when you could make the most of a guest bedroom that sees a visitor once in a blue moon.

If you don’t have the luxury of a spare room, then choose the area of the house you work in wisely – if you’re easily distracted, a space in or by the kitchen, for example, probably isn’t a great idea, specially if others are working from home too. Another option is taking part of your finished basement that's typically used as a hangout are. You can separate the spaces with a divider or bookshelves. Wall mounted desks that open and close are perfect for these scenarios too. Once you're done with work, you can close it and enjoy the space for something else.

Let There Be Light

Letting in plenty of natural light is key to a happy workspace – you could position your desk close to the window to really benefit (and get the perfect glow for Zoom calls), plus make the most of any view you have. If glaring on your computer screen becomes an issue, you'll want to consider blinds. Fitted blinds would be a smart choice, with Venetian being a good option as you can angle them as you see fit without losing the light all together.

If you're in a room without any windows, the artificial lighting you choose is important. A mix of different types is usually a good idea; these could include task lighting such as an anglepoise desk lamp, dimmable spotlights and potentially an overhead pendant lamp if you’re trying to save desk space. Each will create a different mood, and ambience is just as important as practical lighting to ensure an enjoyable working environment.

Care For Your Bum (& Back)

Just because you’re at home, that doesn’t mean you should just sit in a regular dining chair. Make sure you opt for a seat that’s ergonomically designed, which you can adjust to suit your needs – you’re going to be sitting there all day after all! That doesn’t mean it has to be ugly or too ‘officey’ – there are many designer options available, such as this Lulu and Georgia Camdem Office Chair or Room and Board Cora Chair.


Engineered wood flooring or a good-quality laminate are ultimately the best options for your home office. These surfaces are durable and best for chairs with castors, as unlike carpets they won’t show up runner marks and indents. You can add another layer of interest with rugs, which will also soften the look of the space.

If you still want to choose carpet, go for a short-pile option – this will be the most practical. If you’re working in an open-plan space, consider using a different material from the rest of the room to zone it off – for example, use a tiled floor in the kitchen, but choose wooden flooring for the home study area to give a cozier feel.

Tucked Away Tech

When you’re planning your home office, it’s worth factoring in your tech from the start so you don’t have an unsightly wire or extension cables running across the floor as a trip hazard (this is one of my biggest pet peeves). If you’re building a desk/storage unit, factor in power points, hiding the cables and also charging points. Amazon has some great, affordable solutions for cable management.

Smart Storage

Storage is probably the most important element of your project (and life) – after all, as the saying goes: ‘a tidy desk equals a tidy mind’. Clutter can build up very quickly if you’re not careful, so make sure everything has its rightful place and a useful purpose. Ideally buy a desk with built-in drawers, or a storage unit that can be kept to the side for additional paperwork, files etc.

Make It You

A home office is still your personal space and it needs to be an inspiring place to spend your time so make sure you surround yourself with things that motivate you and are true to who you are. A wall-hung pegboard or wire frame onto which you can attach cherished photos, inspiring photography, motivational notes or prints will make a difference.

Have fun at work,






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