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The Ten at Ten

Serena and Lily just moved to Boston! It's such a treat that all of these companies are now opening Boston based showrooms. While most of my clients and I shop online, there's something about going shopping in person. I myself would purchase a sofa or a bed in person. For things like artwork, or lighting though, those things are great to buy online.

The company has a nice cross between nautical and modern. It's beachy, without blasting a room with seashells and anchors. (personally not my style!) You can never go wrong with blues, and Serena and Lily definitely take that to heart. Most of their pieces are neutral, and then they throw in some blues to bring in some pops of color. What is nice about their pieces is that they are great quality and durable. They really are pieces that you can have for a long time!

This week I'm sharing some of my favorites. I've used the bed in a past project, and it looks great! The rattan chair is a dream, and the area rug looks like it would be so soft!

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